Travel Trade Articles

My career in cruise and travel writing began when I launched Your Cruise Coach in 2015. After working in the travel trade for 21 years, it was natural for me to begin writing for the travel professionals who looked to me for cruising advice.

I am still very active in this wonderful community by attending industry events, making new connections, and continuing to be published in one of Canada's most prominent travel trade publications. This partnership allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of the cruising world, so I can continue to bring exciting news and information to all my readers.

Open Jaw

I got my start in cruise writing with Toronto-based travel trade website Open Jaw. As "the industry's biggest mouthpiece", Open Jaw provides digital news content for the travel trade. I was a regular contributor to the Cruise Feature column and appeared on the bi-weekly newsletter Splash Cruise News.


PAX Global Media

In 2017 I began collaborating with Montreal-based travel trade publication PAX Global Media. PAX Global Media, publisher of PAX - a business magazine with over 44,000 travel advisor readers across Canada. My column in the magazine features cruise reviews and industry trend editorials. Following are samples of my published articles.

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